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PMA has been invited by the Dept. of Municipal Affairs and Environment to participate in a review of municipal legislation, namely the Municipalities Act, 1999

As the members who deal with this piece of legislation on a regular basis, we want to hear from you.  What do you want to see changed?  What should be added?  Problematic areas?

Be the voice of change we need to ensure this legislation supports and protects you!

ACTION - Please forward your top 10 suggestions/changes/additions to PMA at

DEADLINE - January 26, 2018

As well, the Dept. of MAE has a full time employee solely dedicated to this initiative.  You can also make written submissions directly to her at:

Victoria Woodworth-Lynas

Legislative Renewal Director

Dept. of Municipal Affairs and Environment


Tel:  729-5539



WHERE:      Clarenville Inn
WHEN:         Friday, Feb. 16, 2018
TIME:           9 am – 3:30 pm



Cannabis in your Town: How Should Municipalities Prepare for Legalization on
July 1, 2018?
Presented by:  Ruth Trask, Partner, Stewart McKelvey Law Office

This session will focus on the legal impacts of the availability of legal cannabis in Canada from the perspective of Newfoundland and Labrador municipalities. How should you prepare? How will this affect your workforce? What are the likely impacts of the proposed federal and provincial regimes on your Town? What additional steps should you take to regulate this issue in your area?


Municipalities Act Review 
Presented by:  Sandy Hounsell, Director, Municipal Support, Dept. of Municipal Affairs & Environment
An interactive session on the current M. Act, problematic areas, applying examples, etc.  Your feedback and interaction is imperative to ensuring new legislation addresses areas of concern.


Ingredients for Building a Healthy Community
Presented by:  Stephanie O’Brien, Registered Dietitian, Eat Great and Participate

Eat Great and Participate's Dietitian will provide insights into the important role municipal leaders play in promoting and supporting healthy eating to community members. Participant's will learn easy steps they can take to showcase their town as a leader in health and wellness!


Building Asset Management in NL
Presented by:  TBD
•       Using the Asset Management Readiness Tool
•       What’s next?


News & Updates

PMA Training Session & Membership Meeting

Clarenville Inn, Friday, Feb. 16 9 am – 3 pm

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